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Maxxit is a high perfomance engine oil manufactured by Isuzu East Africa.


  • Both light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles operating under severe conditions, such as long-distance or urban traffic vehicles.
  • Off-highway applications in the mining, quarrying, construction and agricultural industries.
  • Industrial power generation engines.
  • Heavy duty diesel engines operating continuously under heavy or high load-factor conditions.
  • Mixed fleet use.

SAE grade 15w – 40
Kinematic viscosity, ASTM D 445
CsT @ 40o C 113.0
cSt @ 100o C 15.0
Dynamic viscosity, CCS, ASTM D 5293
cP @ -20o C 6200
NOACK volatility, ASM D 5800 9.7
Viscosity Index, ASTM D2270 139
Sulfated ash, wt%, ASTM D 874 1.2
Total base number, mg KOH/g, ASTM D 2896 9.7
Pour point, oC, ASTM D 97 -30
Flash point (COC), oC, ASTM D 92 234
Density @15oC, kg/L, ASTM D 4052 0.875